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No it is not! This is ESCALADE Spinach and I discovered it over the weekend at Holly Hill Organic Farm in Cohasset, MA.

When I rolled up a leaf and ate it, it was sweet and savory! I spoke with Holly Hill Farmer John Graziano who told me that this hearty variety called ESCALADE is indeed a sweet breed. I also found out its ability to withstand a frost adds to its sweetness in addition to the love and sweetness shown to it by John and his team during the nurturing process.

You can literally wrap these babies around some tuna, salmon, chicken, or sliced bell peppers and cucumbers with avocado and have the tastiest finger roll-ups ever! You can also toss the leaves around with some olive oil, a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and a dash of black pepper , or, how about tossed in a salad with some greenhouse English cucumbers that are coming down from Canada along with some spring veggies including radishes, carrots, mushrooms and asparagus? Not a fan of raw spinach? No problem. Roll them around in olive oil, pink Himalayan salt, a dash of black pepper and cook on the stovetop until they wilt but are still bright green.

Spinach is a protein vegetable so for my vegetarian and vegan friends this is an excellent choice for you.
Spinach is also rich in Vitamin A, B1 & B6, C, E, K, calcium, choline, copper, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and thiamin!