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Maureen helped me get through a double brain surgery (my brain was bleeding post-surgery).  The bleeding was due to a Physician’s Assistant insisting I take Aleve for pain knowing NSAIDS can cause bleeding and clotting post-surgery.   Moe came for 2 days when I was at my lowest. She cooked for me, sat with me, spoke with me and overall managed my condition. I came through those few days having healed more than I had the 2 weeks prior. If you or family and friends need assistance in any medical capacity look for the alternative rather than the pharmacy. Thanks Maureen.  I love you!!!!!    

Anna Cooney – Retired Telecommunications Executive

I decided it was time to call on Maureen to see if she had any idea what could be done to help me get well again. She asked a lot of questions (a lot more than my doctor) and she quickly developed a plan of attack. She provided me with what she called a “protocol”, which laid out the plan of attack in simple to follow instructions. Following this road map was difficult at first as most of the foods that I loved were “no-no’s”. I stuck to the plan and actually found it easy to follow after the first week or so.

Throughout the process Maureen kept in total contact with me, tweaking my protocol as needed and showed a real compassion for my health and my progress. I’m confident had I not reached out to her for help I would be in worse shape than I was 3 short months ago. It was a bit of a lifestyle change for sure but it’s a change that I now know I needed to make.  Thanks Moe.

Rich Harvey – Principal/Owner @com.

I began working with Maureen after unsuccessfully working with a different nutritional coach.  What I really like about her is when she listens; she really hears what I’m saying. 

She helped me notice my eating and coffee drinking patterns and how they negatively pertained to my busy and ever-changing work schedule.  She guided me in making small goals that overall meant big positive changes, which are sustainable.  While working with Maureen my cholesterol and sugar levels have decreased and I have lost weight.


I recommend working with Moe because she will really listen to you and work with you in a supportive and non-judgmental way in order for you to attain your goals. 

Jill K – Entrepreneur

My introduction to the Moeganics Health and Wellness program started with a ten day whole food blood sugar cleanse.   Prior to the cleanse I had very little energy and was suffering from severe pain in my right groin area.  I could not even walk the beach, which is one of my favorite things to do.  Maureen worked with me to identify the source of my low energy and pain. Three months later and I am back to my beach walking, enjoying my granddaughters, and my pain is gone.  Maureen Medeiros is a total delight.  She is educated, experienced and committed to her own healing and to all those drawn to her.  Three cheers for Moeganics!!!


Danielle Doucette - Administration – Family Services Association

I have been working with Maureen for the past 6 months and have created a new relationship to my overall well-being and vitality through her coaching!

Maureen is a compassionate teacher who really listened to my needs and helped me understand my attitudes toward food, my body, and my personal and business relationships.


As a result of our work together, I view healthy food as a gift; I have inspired my family to make changes in their overall health as well; and I have lost weight and gained strength physically and emotionally.

I highly recommend working with Maureen to tap into your best self!


Lisa Kavanaugh – Marketing Manager, Global Programs, Pegasystems

Feeling good is your birthright.  Let’s Celebrate!  Contact me today!


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