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When I read this lengthy article in the New York Times last week my head nearly exploded with all of the misinformation, but what really struck me was this quote: “Without even realizing it, someone who eats a typical lunch or breakfast is essentially eating a multivitamin,” said Catherine Price…

The article defines older Americans as 65+

A lot of people I know, especially in corporate America eat the Standard American Diet (SAD), which includes donuts, bagels, breakfast sandwiches from fast food restaurants, processed food (sandwiches brought in from the outside) chips, soda and pizza. All of which have ZERO nutritional value. I will never forget the day one of my managers brought in two big macs and bragged that he threw away the bread and only ate the meat, lettuce and tomatoes – this as he also downed a liter of mountain dew, one of three he consumed daily. What relevance does this have to this article? You are getting older, your parents are getting older and there is no time limit set to benefit from this information…or misinformation.

Here is the New York Times article followed by a response by Andrew Saul who has been educating people about vitamins for over 30-years. I’ll let you decide.

Are you hooked on New York Times fake stories?

My response to the New York Times ridiculous hit piece on vitamins last week……

Posted by Andrew W Saul on Monday, April 9, 2018