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I feel rounder everywhere and I feel heavier and I feel squishy and do you know why? Because I ate heavier during the month of March. I ate heavier because March was a LONG HARD 5-Weeks here in New England!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) spring is the best time to detoxify the body—specifically the liver. The main reason is biologically, nature supports cleansing the body during the spring season. As spring approaches, most people will notice a marked change in their sleep and eating habits, as well as energy levels, mood, and even their senses. As these changes take place, the body’s organs are also ripe for change, so any efforts to detox the liver are enhanced.

Many cultures detoxify the body in the spring and for us urban dwellers we have the additional stress of absorbing environmental toxins.

Are you curious about detoxifying your body? (I am starting my detox later this week) Comment, PM, or call me 617-645-2830…Lets get this conversation started