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Moeganics Steps To Love The Life You Live.

One-on-One Coaching

I help busy, overworked individuals improve their health through sustainable lifestyle changes including diet, nutrition, physical and emotional activity.

Corporate Wellness

I help busy professionals improve their lives by making better food and lifestyle choices. The gym and Fitbit’s are not for everyone. In fact, most people would rather take that hour or two working out or walking and spend it with family and friends.

         Corporate Lunch and Learns 

Short term goals turn into long term habits. I help HR departments custom design lunch and learns to meet specific audience needs. I also have a menu of topics that are engaging and encourage employee participation. 

Wellness Care

The American Health Care System does not provide nutritional services for those recovering from surgery. You are lucky if you get luke warm broth and barely cooked toast before they toss you out. I will come into your home and take care of you or your loved one post-op. It is imperative to eat whole fresh organic food when recuperating from surgery along with consuming fluids that flush out the toxins from anesthesia. I will cook for you, sit with you, talk to you and manage your nutritional needs. .

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