Tip Insert a blank space just after the character you want to place I need to add line numbers on the left for even pages and the on the ... Any suggestions to add line numbers for Bible verses ... Office 2011 for Mac; What's new. How Do I Make a Small Number Above a Letter When Typing? Typing a small character above a letter, ... How Do I Make a Small Number Above a Letter When Typing? Free shipping and returns on all MAC orders. ... How to Type Squared in Outlook. Small Business Accounting ... Excel How Do You Type a Sub Letter in Excel? I only know how to do it on a mac. How do you do this in Excel? Even if you don't type in other languages, some of these layouts could come in handy: For example, the English section may have a How to Write Squared Numbers on the Computer; ... which allows small numbers to be written higher than the preceding number. Format text as superscript or subscript in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac. You can use number formats to change the appearance of numbers, including dates and times, without changing the actual number. MAC's full range of professional-quality makeup brushes, assembled using the finest quality materials. Hit the + sign and browse through the available languages, then click Add when you've selected the one you want. ? If you type in multiple languages, return to the same menu in System Preferences. How do you make the small little numbers by the element symbol ... type x or x2..sub. I cant figure out how to make the number small in pages on ... the number should like like the '2' in ... How to make tiny numbers for footnotes in pages? Type the number with the th, rd, nd, etc.Then highlight the ending part (above).Click on. ... How do you type 'squared' in Excel? ... type Monday into the first column on the left. Type Degree Symbol or Sign on Mac OS X and Windows or in Word, Text Edition, Pages, MS Excel, Notes, Numbers or in any App. Many Mac users go with the full sized Apple wired keyboard rather than a wireless ... and suddenly numbers dont type at ... OS X Daily. You know the little '2' you put next to a number ro show its squared. Type the following consonant twice for small . Learn how to use Apple's spreadsheet program, Numbers. How To Type Characters With Umlaut Marks ... is formed by two small dots over ... following keystrokes do not work when trying to type umlaut marks. How to type symbols and letters with accent marks ... Next Page: How to type symbols in Mac How to Display and Type Japanese on Your Computer. Click the number you want to use as the subscript or superscript, click the Insert button, and then Close. Shortcuts and many ways Home > Computing > How to type symbols and letters with accent marks.